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Interspot Film GmbH [at]: Production Company
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Stephan Hoenigmann
Walter Jurmann Gasse 41230  WienAustria
Phone+43 1 801200

    About Interspot Film GmbH [at]

    Interspot Film is one of Austria's leading production companies for film, television, documentaries, entertainment and shows. Founded in 1969, the company today sees itself as a 360-degree production and media company with its own studios and outdoor facilities in a central location in Vienna. Interspot Film is run as a family business in the second generation.

    Movies as production

    2021First Snow of SummerFeature FilmChris Raiber
    2021Universum History - Der Aufstieg der Habsburger. Die Schlacht am MarchfeldDocumentary (Series), arte, Ceska televize [cz], ORF [at], ZDF [de]Fritz Kalteis
    2021Augustus und Livia - Liebe, Macht und SchwertDocumentary, arte, ORF [at], ZDF [de]Multiple
    2021André Hellers Hauskonzerte - André Heller. Mein HauskonzertDocumentary (Series), ORF [at]Robert Neumüller
    2021Andre Hellers Hauskonzerte - Camilla NylundDocumentary (Series), ORF [at]Robert Neumüller
    2021André Hellers Hauskonzerte - Günther GroissböckDocumentary (Series), ORF [at]Robert Neumüller
    2020FamiliensacheTV Series, ORF [at]Esther Rauch
    2020Victims of the VikingsDocumentary, arte, Ceska televize [cz], ORF [at], SVT Sveriges Television [se], TG4 [ie], ZDF [de]Stefan Ludwig
    2019Universum History - König Löwenherz. Ein König in der FalleDocumentary (Series), arte, ORF [at], ZDF [de]Fritz Kalteis
    2018Aldo Sohm TravelSpec CommercialChris Jaymes
    2018Atatürk - Vater der modernen Türkei
    Docu-Fiction, arte, Ceska televize [cz], ORF [at], ZDF [de]Multiplecoproduction
    2018Naturparadies Seefeld - Im Reich des WanderfalkenDocumentary (Series), ORF [at]Manfred Corrine
    2017Maria Theresia - Majestät und MutterDocumentary, arte, Ceska televize [cz], ORF [at], ZDF [de]Ernst Gossner
    2016QuizmasterTV-Show, Servus TV [at]Kurt Pongratz
    2016Universum History - Die Akte Nero. Auf den Spuren einer antiken VerschwörungDocumentary (Series), ORF [at]Klaus T. Steindl
    2015Fokus Mord - Wahre österreichische KriminalfälleDocumentary Series, ORF [at]Chris Raiber
    2015Salamander - Ihre Schuhe sind da!CommercialKurt Pongratz
    2015Universum History - Stadt der Gladiatoren. CarnuntumDocumentary, ORF [at]Klaus T. Steindl
    2015Unser Österreich - Tirol. Geteilte HeimatDocumentary (Series), ORF [at]Ernst Gossner
    2015QuizmasterTV-Show, Servus TV [at]Heidelinde Haschek

    Company data

    Experience abroadAntarctica: Antarctic
    Central America: Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique
    Central Europe: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland
    North America: Canada, Mexico, USA
    Northern Europe: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
    East Asia: China, Mongolia
    Eastern Europe: Russia
    South Africa: Namibia
    Southern Europe: Canary Islands, Italy, Portugal, Spain
    Southeastern Europe: Bulgaria, Rumania
    West Asia: Iran, Israel, Turkey
    Western Europe: Belgium, England, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland
    Central Africa: Republic of the Congo
    Date of company foundation1969
    Permanent employees80
    Immediate working areaHead office: Vienna