In the Move for Love

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    Feature Film | 2017-2018 | Dramedy, Romance | France

      Brief synopsis

      Romane and Philippe are splitting after 10 years of relationship, two children and a dog, they are out of love. Well... They are not in love anymore, but still love each other. Too much to really separate. So they come up with this idea of a “separtment”: two separate appartments, connected by the children’s room. Can we separate together? Can you break up without breaking everything?


      ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
      Romane BohringerRomane [L]
      Philippe RebbotPhilippe [L]
      Rose Rebbot-BohringerRose [L]
      Raoul Rebbot-BohringerRaoul [L]
      Clémentine AutainClémentine Autain [GS]
      Reda KatebLe maître de Polo [SR]
      Pierre Berriau[SR]
      Richard BohringerRomane's father [SR]
      Astrid BohringerRomane's mother [SR]
      Lou BohringerRomane's sister [SR]
      Delphine CoignardLa jeune femme allergique [SR]
      Vincent BergerNicolas, real estate agent [SR]
      Brigitte CatillonPsy de Romane [SR]
      Aurélia PetitPsy de Philippe [SR]
      Aurélien ChaussadeAurélien [SR]
      Aurélien VernantThe other Aurélien [SR]


      1st ADÉlodie Roy
      Post production supervisorEmmanuel Sajot
      Director of photographyBertrand Mouly
      DirectorRomane Bohringer
      DirectorPhilippe Rebbot
      EditorCéline Cloarec
      ProducerSophie Révil
      ProducerDenis Carot
      Set decoratorThierry Golitin
      Production managerAlain Mougenot
      Unit managerCharles Miambanzila
      ScreenwriterPhilippe Rebbot
      ScreenwriterRomane Bohringer
      Production sound mixerJean-Luc Audy
      Boom operatorOlivier Busson
      Sound re-recording mixerLudovic Maucuit
      Sound editorRémy Crouzet

      Production companies

      Escazal Films [fr]

      Distributing companies

      Other Angle Pictures [fr]International Sales
      Rezo Films [fr]France (theatrical)


      Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 10/10/2018