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    Living with Down syndrome means above all overcoming obstacles: Fighting prejudice, working for integration, showing strength. For example, fighting for a regular day-care place in a rural area for the one-year-old daughter - because she has been rejected by regular day-care centres up to now. Fighting in the transition from Kita to school, struggling with countless applications and documents when applying for assistance at the office. Always supporting: the family and relatives. What does it mean for families to have a child with Down syndrome? How do the siblings deal with the new baby, which is different from them? Is it a burden for the relatives or rather an enrichment? We are allowed to accompany a travel group to Mallorca - together with a travel company that specialises in offering these people a holiday. This documentary aims to make the lives of people with Down's syndrome multi-faceted, informative, exciting and entertaining at the same time.

    How does this diagnosis influence the future of the families? How independent can people with Down syndrome become? And what happens when parents become too old to take care of their child with Down syndrome? This documentation will provide answers to these and many other questions about living with Down's syndrome.


    Director of photographyDaniel Hoffmann [1]
    Director of photographyDaniel Hoffmann [2]
    Director of photographyThomas Kita
    DirectorSascha Gröhl
    EditorChristoph Bühl
    EditorDaniel Hoffmann [1]
    EditorYvonne Clasbrummel
    ProducerSascha Gröhl
    Assistant production managerGizem Coskuner
    Commissioning editor in chargeIris Patzner
    Commissioning editorClaudia Tomaschewski
    Commissioning editorMax Rainer
    Tv writerFlorian Schneider [3]
    Tv writerHannah Simkins

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    Vitamedia Film und Fernsehen [de]


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    First showingGermanyVOX [de]Saturday, 01/08/2020, 8.15 PM