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Limited series | Episodes 1-12 | 2019-2020 | STB [ua] | Ukraine

Main data

Project data

Length of episode46 min.
Episodes from/to1-12

Brief synopsis

Based on the novel "There Will Be People" by Anatoliy Dymarov. The plot is centered on common people who live through the turbulent times of the 20th century: The First World War, the revolution, the arrival of the Soviet government. Each of the characters in his own way experienced these changes, in terms of their own truth, but all of them were united by one thing - the desire to live, love and find their place in the new shape of history. 12 episodes. 12 main characters. 12 non-cross-country tracks. History of dramatic changes, passionate love and the value of human life. About people who lived a hundred years ago, but are so similar to us today.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Ostap DziadekOksen [L]
Kostiantyn TemliakOleg [L]
Viktor ZhdanovSvyrud [L]
Anna TambovaMarta [L]
Elena BorozenetsTetyana [L]
Kateryna GrigorenkoOlena/Olesya [SSR]
Akmal GurezovGanja [SSR]
Oleksandr PiskynovFedir [SSR]
Hanna HarnykIllegal Bartender [SR]


Director of photographyDmytro Yurikov
Casting directorOlena Shevchuk
DirectorArkadii Nepytaliuk

Production companies

Film.UA Group [ua]