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    TV Movie (multi-part) | 2017-2018 | TF1 [fr] | Thriller | France


    Brief synopsis

    Sarah is living a solitary and dreary life, until the day she finds Leo, 11 years old, hiding in her trunk’s car. Overwhelmed, Sarah decides to take care of the boy, who still ignores that his dad has been shot in a gunfire few hours before.
    DC Simon Donatelli goes after them, intrigued by Sarah’s muddled past. The woman and the boy find themselves in a high-speed chase to save their own lives, an almost filial relationship arising between them…


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Jenifer BartoliSarah [L]
    Félix BossuetLéo [L]
    Joffrey Platelcommissaire Simon Donatelli [L]Sven Gerhardt
    Constance LabbéJuliette Lerebour [L]
    Matthias Van KhacheSanchez [SR]
    Pierre LopezVargas [SR]
    Daniel Njo LobéJordan Aboubakar [SR]


    Director of photographyThomas Lerebour
    DirectorLudovic Colbeau-Justin
    Production managerBertrand Soupey
    ScreenwriterJeanne Le Guillou
    ScreenwriterBruno Dega


    Sound (Postproduction)Metz-Neun Synchron Studio und Verlags GmbH
    Dt. Fassung
    Dt. Fassung


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceChérie 25 [fr]Wednesday, 10/02/2021, 9.05 PM
    RepeatGermanyZDF [de]Monday, 14/09/2020, 10.15 PM
    First showingFranceTF1 [fr]Monday, 14/05/2018