HOT (Teaser) | © Summerstorm Entertainment
Teaser (Film Concept) | 2014 | Comedy | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days3

Project data

Length of movie3:30 Min.
Picture formatWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

In this modern day screwball comedy, two strangers meet in a bar and promptly embark on a one-night-stand, which they never quite manage to consummate (not for lack of trying). Instead they experience a bizarre and adventurous ramble through the Berlin nightscape. By morning they will have saved a lamb, converted a pimp and found something deeper than sex.



ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Roy LuchterhandKeith [L]
 Anthony StraegerKarl [L]
 Constanze WächterRomy [L]


director of photography Birgit Bebe Dierken
1st assistant camera Jan Grunwald
costume designer Metin Misdik
directorO’Neil Sharma
1st assistant directorFinn Pelke
editor Christian Reinhardt
gaffer Peter Kramer
makeup artist / hair stylist Hannah Chinnakam
producerGabriela Bacher
producerMichael Scheel
producer Jan R. Martin
production designer Ina Peichl
unit manager Angela Mages
production sound mixerBenjamin Benny Dunker
stunt coordinator Alister Mazzotti
fight choreographer Tolga Degirmen
stuntman/woman Anja MavaddatStunt Performer
stuntman/woman Thomas Hacikoglu
stuntman/woman Hannes Pastor
stuntman/woman Hannah SpreitzenbarthStuntwoman
stuntman/woman Jason Oettlé

Production companies

Summerstorm Entertainment GmbH [de]


Production Services bloc inc filmservice GmbH