Brief synopsis

    From dawn to dusk, a few hours in the life of Monsieur Oscar, a shadowy character who journeys from one life to the next. He is, in turn, captain of industry, assassin, beggar, monster, family man... He seems to be playing roles, plunging headlong into each part - but where are the cameras? Monsieur Oscar is alone, accompanied only by Céline, the slender blonde woman behind the wheel of the vast engine that transports him through and around Paris. He’s like a conscientious assassin moving from hit to hit. In pursuit of the beautiful gesture, the mysterious driving force, the women and the ghosts of past lives. But where is his true home, his family, his rest?


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Denis LavantDiverse [L]
    Édith ScobCéline [L]
    Eva MendesKay M. [SR]
    Kylie MinogueEva / Jean [SR]
    Élise LhomeauLéa / Élise [SR]
    Jeanne DissonAngèle [SR]
    Michel PiccoliThe man with the birthmark [SR]


    Vfx producerBérengère Dominguez
    Vfx supervisorAlexandre Bon
    Director of photographyCaroline Champetier
    Director of photographyYves Cape
    2nd assistant cameraBruno Raquillet
    Video assist/playback operatorMathieu Cassan
    Costume designer (creator)Anaïs Romand
    DirectorLeos Carax
    Script supervisorMathilde Profit
    EditorNelly Quettier
    Hair/makeup designerBernard Floch
    Hair/makeup supervisorBernard Floch
    Fx makeup artistJean-Christophe Spadaccini
    Fx makeup artistDenis Gastou
    Production designerFlorian Sanson
    Additional location scoutCarole Reinhard
    Production managerDidier Abot
    Post production supervisorEugénie Deplus

    Distributing companies

    Arsenal Filmverleih [de]Germany (theatrical)
    Les Films du Losange [fr]France (theatrical)
    Wild Bunch [fr]International Sales


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 30/08/2012
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 04/07/2012