Hold The Line - Coming Soon Poster | ©97 Group
©97 Group
Short Film | 2019 | Action, Adventure | Switzerland

Shooting data

Number of shooting days5
Filming regionsGermany - Berlin

Project data

Length of movie9 Min.
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Acquisition formatUncompressed 4 : 2 : 2
Sound formatStereo


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Björn BonnAndrew [L]
Raschid Daniel Sidgi
Tim Schmitt [SR]
Yvonne ErnickeCall Center Employee [SR]
Antje HartmannCall Center Employee [SR]
Manuel HilgersChef [SR]


Director of photographyNick Napodano
1st assistant cameraAaron Markus Graf
2nd assistant cameraAaron Felix Gisi
DirectorNico August Bäggli
1st AD (local system)Melissa Mangold
Rigging gripMarco Hübner
ProducerNick Napodano
Production sound mixerMichel Jannik Zwahlen

Production companies

97 Group, Nick Napodano & Co. [ch]