Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2021MunchTV Series, TF1 [fr]Mathieu [SS]
    2020Les Aventures du jeune VoltaireLimited series, France 2 [fr], RTBF [be]Duc de Sully [SSR]
    2020Grand HôtelTV Series, TF1 [fr]Paul Andrieux [GS]
    2020Mama Weed
    Frank Röth
    Feature FilmPhilippe [L]Frank Röth
    2018Capitaine Marleau - Les Roseaux noirsTV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]Pierre Claudel [SR]
    2018The French DispatchFeature FilmChou-fleur [SR]
    2017ThanksgivingLimited series, arteL'homme de Mobun [SR]
    2016On the SlyFeature FilmYves [SR]
    2016Ismael's GhostsFeature FilmZwy [SR]
    2015MarseilleTV Series, NetflixDocteur Osmond [SSR]
    2014The Girl KingFeature FilmHector Pierre Chanut [L]
    2014No Second ChanceTV Series, TF1 [fr]Cyril Tessier [SSR]
    2013Benedict Ironbreaker - The Red TaxisFeature FilmLe Commissaire [SR]
    2013Life Of RileyFeature FilmColin [L]
    2012La RuptureTV Movie, France 3 [fr]Valéry Giscard d'Estaing [L]
    2012Bird PeopleFeature FilmVengers [SR]
    2012A Monkey on My ShoulderFeature FilmMarc [SR]
    2011Les saveurs du palaisFeature FilmDavid Azoulay [SR]
    2011The Charterhouse of ParmaTV Movie (multi-part), France 3 [fr], RAI [it]le comte Mosca [L]
    2010Sleeping SicknessFeature FilmJasper [SR]