Corporate Film | 2018-2019 | United Kingdom, USA

Brief synopsis

Ismaeil Dawod arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, as a refugee. Determined to build a new life for himself, Ismaeil worked hard to learn German and earn a role in the Hilton apprenticeship program. There he met friend and mentor Marc Snijders, who has seen Ismaeil become a rising star. Now Marc is ready to surprise Ismaeil with an opportunity that may just change his life again.
(source : Hilton Honors)


Director of photographyAdriaan Kirchner
ARRI trinity operatorJörg SchentenALEXA Mini
Steadicam operatorJörg SchentenARRI TRINITY // ALEXA Mini
DirectorNina Meredith
GafferTilo UllrichFrankfurt only
Lighting technician / electricianJesco Rohleder
Lighting technician / electricianJ. Paul Fahle
Lighting technician / electricianRalf Ommerborn

Production companies

Vayner Productions [us/uk]