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    • New Doc – Clara Sofie - La Primera Torera Alemana
      Happy to announce that the doc I have been working on for the last three and a half months is now available for streaming. "Clara Sofie - La Primera Torera Alemana" provides an intimate look at the unlikely and controversial rise to fame of Clara Sofie Kreutter, the first German bullfighter. Featuring interviews with family, friends and critics, it takes you deep into a topic many find too contentious to talk about.

      Director: Don Schubert.

    About Henrik Boes

    As overused as it is nowadays, storyteller is the one word that can make sense of my serpentine path as a working adult. It’s the thread connecting my years in journalism, theater, academia and marketing. I have always yearned to tell compelling narratives: with my voice, with my body, on the page and in the edit bay.

    I have been around the "moving images” industry my whole adult life and have worked as a video editor for twenty years. After many years as a senior video editor at ad agency Motive in Colorado, I now work as a freelancer based in Berlin, my home town.

    Other interests that feed me and often find their expression in my work are music (drumming and vocals), religion & philosophy, meditation and ball sports like soccer, tennis and basketball.

    Basic data

    Own equipment27" iMac with 32" BenQ color grading monitor and 16 TB RAID
    Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve Studio
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin