Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Brodka - Game ChangeMusic Video
    2021Chyłka. InwigilacjaSeries, TVN [pl]
    2020Chyłka. RewizjaSeries, TVN [pl]
    2020NieobecniTV Series, [pl]
    2020Into the nightShort Film, TVN [pl]
    2020Gypsy and the Acid Queen - MałaMusic Video
    2019Mister T.Feature Film
    2019Chyłka. KasacjaSeries, TVN [pl]
    2019SweatFeature Film
    2019InteriorFeature Film
    2019EasternFeature Film
    2018Chyłka. ZaginięcieSeries, TVN [pl]
    2018Mr. JonesFeature Film
    2018Plan BFeature Film
    2016AmokFeature Film