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© ServusTV / Eckert Film
Documentary (Series) | 2020 | Servus TV [at] | Austria

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Filming regionsItaly

    Brief synopsis

    Here, good things get the time they need, bread is not simply cut and toboggans become mythical creatures. Away from mass tourism, the Ulten Valley has preserved an originality and uniqueness that has already been lost elsewhere. When work in the fields stops in winter, there is time for enjoyment and inventiveness: smokehouses fill with bacon and the scent of "Mues" wafts through the snow-covered mountain pastures. Small workshops produce birch jars decorated with engravings, just like in Ötzi's day, and a genuine Ulten invention: The Rumpler! A carpenter from Ulten invented this game with spinning tops and skittles over a hundred years ago. It still enjoys great popularity today. (Text: Servus TV)


    Director of photographyThomas Beckmann
    DirectorClaus U. Eckert
    EditorFrank Schönfelder

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    ServusTV Fernsehgesellschaft m.b.H [at]


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    First showingAustriaServus TV [at]Friday, 11/12/2020, 8.15 PM