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    Feature Film | 2010 | Comedy | France


    Brief synopsis

    Your only daughter is madly in love with an absolute fool, your sister has just got engaged to a stupid lout? Your best friend is going out with a jerk? There is still one man left who can save the day. His name: Alex Lippi. His profession: homewrecker. His method: seduction!

    In a few weeks, for a fee equivalent to his reputation, Alex promises to transform any husband, fiancé or boyfriend into an ex. Hideouts, phone-tapping, fake identities, devastating smile, anything goes when it comes to fulfilling his contract. But be warned, Alex has ethics. He only breaks up couples when the woman is unhappy. So why does he accept this new contract?

    His target is called Juliette, a young free-spirited and independent heiress. In ten days she'll marry an attractive young man whom she loves more than anything else in the world. Ten days for a hectic "mission impossible" of seduction, during which our high-flying heartbreaker risks discovering to his own cost that, when it comes to love, the perfect plan doesn't exist.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Romain DurisAlex Lippi [L]Manou Lubowski
    Vanessa ParadisJuliette Van Der Becq [L]Elisabeth von Koch
    François DamiensMarc [L]
    Chef [SR]Helmut Schwaiger
    Julien ArrutiFlorence's brother [SR]
    Hiromi AsaiJapanese businesswoman [SR]
    Geoffrey BatemanJuliette's father-in-law [SR]
    Tarek BoudaliHotelmanager «Montecarlo Bay» [SR]
    Adina CartianuLibrarian [SR]
    Natasha CashemanJuliette's mother-in-law [SR]
    Amandine DewasmesFlorence [SR]Marieke Oeffinger
    Julie FerrierMélanie [SR]
    Camille FiguerosCurling player [SR]
    Jacques FrantzVan Der Becq [SR]
    Élodie FrenckAlex's friend [SR]Claudia Jacobacci
    Dominique GaffieriAuctioneer Commissioner [SR]
    Sophie JezequelOffice employee [SR]
    Philippe LacheauThe companion [SR]
    Jean-Yves LafesseDutour [SR]
    Audrey LamyPolicewoman [SR]
    Andrew LincolnJonathan [SR]
    Franck MassiahFranck [SR]Götz Otto
    Nina MéloYoung gospel woman [SR]
    Helena NoguerraSophie [SR]
    Jean-Marie ParisGoran [SR]
    Leticia BellicciniLaura la baigneurse [BP]
    Clémentine NiewdanskiEnsemble [BP]Eva Monauni


    1st ADFrédéric Drouilhat
    1st ADThomas Lipmann1st AD Marocco
    2nd ADAntonia Olivares
    Director of photographyThierry Arbogast
    Camera operatorJean-Paul Agostini
    Steadicam operatorNicolas Dollader
    1st assistant cameraMaud Lemaistre
    1st assistant cameraAdnane Korchyoufocus puller, 35mm
    Still photographerMagali Bragard
    Casting directorTatiana Vialle
    Costume designerCharlotte Bétaillole
    DirectorPascal Chaumeil
    Script supervisorSophie Le Breton
    EditorDorian Rigal-Ansous
    ComposerKlaus Badelt
    Production designerHervé Gallet
    Production managerCamille Lipmann
    Unit managerJérôme Albertini
    ScreenwriterYohann Gromb
    ScreenwriterLaurent Zeitoun
    ScreenwriterJeremy K. Doner
    Production sound mixerPascal Armant
    Second boom operatorStéphane Gessat
    Special effects supervisorJulien Poncet de la Grave
    Stunt coordinatorPhilippe Guégan

    Production companies

    Quad [fr]
    Universal Pictures France [fr]Coproduction

    Distributing companies

    Kinology [fr]International Sales
    Universal Pictures France [fr]France (theatrical)


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceW9 [fr]Thursday, 12/11/2020, 9.05 PM


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 06/01/2011
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 17/03/2010