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Independent Feature Film | 2022-2024 | Comedy, Crime, Drama, Gangster | Germany
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Main data

Shooting data

Start of shooting01/11/2022
End of shooting15/12/2022
Number of shooting days30
Filming regionsGermany - Berlin

Project data

Budget3 Mio. €

Brief synopsis

When Alex freshly arrives in prison, he has it anything but easy. His newly pregnant girlfriend is waiting for him outside and he of all people ends up in a cell with an aggressive Arab and a bad-tempered Russian.
But the Jewish Alex not only knows how to do business, but is also a real survivor. So he meets the Kurdish and internationally notorious crook Mazlum, who is only called "The Dutchman" by everyone... With the help of Alex's friend Cem, who is in freedom, they build up a network of narcotics business and help themselves to recognition and wealth.
Although they are actually behind bars, they pull all the strings. But at the top of the euphoria Alex gets more and more entangled in a rope of intrigue and betrayal - the noose tightens more and more...



ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Constantin von JascheroffAlexander Rothstein [L]
Kais SettiKhalil El-Hallak [L]
Amir Israil AschenbergViktor Ivanow [L]
Cem ÖztabakciMazlum Erbil [L]
Prince KuhlmannAnthony [SR]
Johannes KienastGünther Drecksler [SR]
Korkmaz ArslanBotan [SR]
Michael LottManfred S. [SR]
Micky JukovicMarco [SR]
Vito VittorioAtilla [SR]
Milton WelshArne Zimmer [SR]
Sina Bianca HentschelFrau Hoffmann [SR]
Mario von JascheroffDr. Salomon [SR]
Leonard KunzNeuling [SR]
Xenia AssenzaJulia [SR]
Anna StieblichMutter [SR]
Arnel TaciCem Günes [SR]


Production accountantMelanie Weinig
Accountant traineesNex Müller
Vfx supervisorSteffen Hacker
Director of photographyChristof Wahl
Steadicam operatorAxel Zschernitz
ARRI trinity operatorJörg Schenten
1st assistant cameraKarl Keil
A-Cam, ALEXA 35, HAWK V-Lite Vintage '74
A-Cam, ALEXA 35, HAWK V-Lite Vintage '74
2nd assistant cameraRouven Schardt
Alexa 35
Alexa 35
2nd assistant cameraIsabelle Vogel
4 Shooting Days
4 Shooting Days
DIT digital imaging technicianUgur Sabaz
- Alexa 35
- Alexa 35
Video assist/playback operatorChristian Wehrle
Still photographerDevin Rüzgar
Still photographerClemens Porikys
Casting directorEmrah Ertem
Extras/bit player castingCharis Triebel
Costume designerKornelia Wawryszyn
Assistant costume designerUta Linnenbrink
Assistant costume designerRichard Olaf Zintel
VB in Vertretung
VB in Vertretung
Costumer / wardrobeAngela Smoch
Costumer / wardrobeJustina Zablockyte
Costume buyerGwendolyn Koch
DirectorEkrem Engizek
1st AD (local system)Ignatios Manolopoulos
nur Vorproduktion
nur Vorproduktion
1st AD (local system)Yaar Harell
Crowd 2nd AD (local system)Julian Fuchs
Script supervisorAnna Baranowska
- 90 Minuten
- 90 Minuten
Extras coordinatorCharis Triebel
Trainee director's departmentCharis Triebel
EditorChristian Reinhardt
Key gripThomas Heinz
GafferRonald Schwarz
Lighting technician / electricianPablo Ruiz
Key makeup artist/hair stylistMandy Steiger
Hair/makeup designerMandy Steiger
Makeup artist / hair stylistAlexandra Heinze
Makeup artist / hair stylistJulia Thar
Maskenbildnerin Cast, Crowd Supervisor
Maskenbildnerin Cast, Crowd Supervisor
Fx makeup artistMandy Steiger
Prosthetics Anfertigung - Narben, Schnitt und Platzwunden
Prosthetics Anfertigung - Narben, Schnitt und Platzwunden
Additional make up artistIselin Brockes
Additional make up artistMaria King
Crowd hair and make up supervisorJulia Thar
ProducerEkrem Engizek
Creative producerConstantin von Jascheroff
Production designerChristian Schäfer
Set decoratorChristina Heidelmeier
Assistant set decoratorAna-Lisa Odenhausen
Prop masterWolfgang Zuber
Standby propsOlaf Kronenthal
Assistant stand by propsLea Tragarz
Assistant stand by propsTabea Krackow
Location scoutClaudia Schäfer [1]
Stand by set builderDietrich Kirst
Draughtsman/set designerNina Poeschel
Property driverJohan Cardinal
Line producerSarah Schmidt [1]
Production managerNail Kizilirmak
Assistant to production managerIpek Sertöz
Set manager/ floor managerMarius Ascherl
ScreenwriterEkrem Engizek
Production sound mixerBertin Molz
Boom operatorLasse Viehöfer
Special effects supervisorStefan Walther
Feuer Gefängisszene
Feuer Gefängisszene
Special effects technicianMelanie Benna
Stunt coordinatorMike Möller
Fight choreographerMike Möller
Stuntman/womanMarkus Pütterich
Stuntman/womanStefan Walther
Stuntman/womanAlexander Mack
Stuntman/womanIvan Forlani
Stunt performer
Stunt performer
Stuntman/womanHamudi Ahmad
Stuntman/womanLucian Roucka

Production companies

Engizek Films GmbH


Cameras and UtilitiesVantage Film GmbH
Finance/Law/Insuranceadag Payroll Services GmbH
Production ServicesPreProducer Software UG
Production SupportLockit Network Services (ehem. easySCOTT Metadata Services)
Pre-Production, Set and Post-Production-Workflow Optimization
Pre-Production, Set and Post-Production-Workflow Optimization
CostumesBerlin City Cops
CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH Kostümausstattung
KB - Kornelia Wawryszyn
KB - Kornelia Wawryszyn
CostumesWellenstein zeitgenössische Kostüme GmbH
Kornelia Wawryszyn
Kornelia Wawryszyn
DecorationSpreekulissen Nicolaus Wallner
Graphic Artist
Graphic Artist