Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Army of ThievesTV Movie, Netflixcomposer
    2020Wonder Woman - 1984Feature Filmcomposer
    2020The SurvivorFeature Filmcomposer
    2019DuneFeature Filmcomposer
    2019X-Men - Dark PhoenixFeature Filmcomposer
    2017Pagan PeakTV Series, Sky [de]composer
    2016Blade Runner 2049Feature Filmcomposer
    2016DunkirkFeature Filmcomposer
    2015A Cure For WellnessFeature Filmcomposer
    2015InfernoFeature Filmcomposer
    2015Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeFeature Filmcomposer
    2013InterstellarFeature Filmcomposer
    2013The Amazing Spider-Man - Rise of ElectroFeature Filmcomposer
    2012The BibleTV Seriescomposer
    2011Mr. Morgan's Last LoveFeature Filmcomposer
    2011The Dark Knight RisesFeature Filmcomposer
    2011RangoFeature Filmcomposer
    2011Man of SteelFeature Filmcomposer
    2010The DilemmaFeature Filmcomposer
    2010InceptionFeature Filmcomposer