Projects saved at Crew United

    Making Of Produktion
    Feature FilmMaking Of Produktion
    2017Bonprix - Pink CollectionCommercial
    2017Sixt - Sixt creates FreedomCorporate Film
    2017Beats by Dr. Dre - The Voice of Germany 2017 (3 Spots)Commercial
    2017Seat - Voices of X-Mas (4 Internetfilme)Commercial
    2016Berlin FallingFeature Film
    2016Adfactory - Aldi. The Voice of GermanyCommercial
    2016Wettercom - Tourismus Wilder Kaiser BrixentalCommercial
    2016Wettercom - KayakCommercial
    2016Wettercom - FalkenCommercial
    2016Freixenet - MederanoCommercial
    2016Airberlin - Business ClassCommercial
    2015Beats by Dr. Dre - The Voice of GermanyCommercial
    2015ALBA Berlin - Saison 2015/2016Trailer
    2015Shariando - Wie funktioniert Shariando? (Homepage)Commercial
    2015Screwfix - Magic MomentsCommercial
    2015Elidor - LovemarkCommercial
    2015Air Berlin TopBonus - Branding 2015 (WT)Commercial - Good Weather vs Bad WeatherCommercial
    2015Blackbird (WDI) (Imax 3D) (WT)Documentary