Grand Cru Made in China - The birth of a wine giant?

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    Documentary | 2020-2021 | Culture, Food, Travel | Germany

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      China dominates virtually every sector of the global product markets. Yet one of the few exceptions to date is wine. Much like the West China is looking to develop and enhance its agricultural regions. Its aim is to bring prosperity to the rural population and claim its own share for the rapidly growing market for luxury items such as wine. But will this succeed? The biggest wine factory in the world is found in China. In the past China's wine market was dominated by brands such as Great Wall or Chang Yu. But Chinese wine is now set to undergo a radical change. Over the last decade, investment and Western know-how has poured into many different regions. Chinese wines reputation has vastly improved, winning nine international awards last year.


      ColoristLars Billert
      ColoristSusi Dollnig
      Director of photographyDongwang Xu
      Camera operatorShiqi Chen
      Drone camera operatorDongwang Xu
      1st assistant cameraMingliang Li
      DirectorAlix François Meier
      DirectorChristian Petersen-Clausen
      Co-directorChen Ma
      EditorSarah-Christin Peter
      Additional editorChristina Preussker
      Additional editorMartin Eberle
      Assistant editorGraham McCarthy
      ProducerKristian Kähler
      Co-producerleland ling
      Subtitle translationGrace Mellor
      Sound re-recording mixerCornelius Rapp
      PresenterJulien Boulard
      ResearchYang Yang
      ResearchXiaomei Gao
      ResearchShasha Cao
      Subtitle editorSarah Lafon
      French subtitles
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      Berlin Producers Media GmbH

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