Projects saved at Crew United

    2014Wann endlich küsst Du mich?Feature Filmeditor
    2013Land Rover - Yeti  Spec Commercialeditor
    2012Wrigley 5 Gum - Out of this worldSpec Commercialeditor
    2012Woodcock (aka. Long Tail)Series Piloteditor
    2011MARTHA - A Twisted FableSpec Commercialeditor
    2011Free IdentityIndie Feature Filmeditor
    2010TIMEX - Since EverSpec Commercialeditor
    2010Die Hand vor AugenShort Feature Filmeditor
    2010Lomography.comSpec Commercialeditor
    2010SchattentänzerShort Documentaryeditor
    2009PersonenschadenShort Feature Filmeditor
    2009Das Blaue vom HimmelShort Feature FilmScript
    2009PasticcioShort Feature Film, arte, SWR [de]editor
    2009AuszeitShort Feature Filmeditor
    2008StickyShort Feature Filmeditor
    2008SchuldhaftShort Feature Filmdirector
    2008MotherbirthDocumentaryassistant editor
    2008Day and Night in TehranDocumentaryeditor
    2008ViersitzerShort Feature FilmScript
    2008HasenlebenShort Feature Filmeditor