Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2022Je verrai toujours vos visages
    Grégoire [L]
    Feature FilmGrégoire [L]
    2022Soudain seuls / Suddenly (WT)
    n.a. [L]
    Feature Filmn.a. [L]
    2021Smoking Causes Coughing
    Benzène [L]
    Feature FilmBenzène [L]
    2021Asterix & Obelix - The Middle Kingdom
    Obelix [L]
    Feature FilmObelix [L]
    Mathieu [L]
    Feature FilmMathieu [L]
    Patrick [L]
    Feature FilmPatrick [L]
    2020Farewell Mr Haffmann
    François Mercier [L]
    Feature FilmFrançois Mercier [L]
    2019La Flamme
    Milo [GS]
    TV Series, Canal+ [fr]Milo [GS]
    2019The Stronghold
    Greg [L]
    Feature FilmGreg [L]
    2018Little White Lies 2
    Éric [L]
    Feature FilmÉric [L]
    2018New Biz In The Hood!
    Fred Bartel [L]
    Feature FilmFred Bartel [L]
    2017In Safe Hands
    Jean [L]
    Feature FilmJean [L]
    2017Paris Pigalle
    Serge [L]
    Feature FilmSerge [L]
    2016C'est la vie!
    James [L]
    Feature FilmJames [L]
    2016HHhH - The Man with the Iron Heart
    Vaclav Moravek [GS]
    Feature FilmVaclav Moravek [GS]
    Richard [L]
    Feature FilmRichard [L]
    2015The Jews
    Norbert [L]
    Feature FilmNorbert [L]
    2014The Clearstream Affair
    Denis Robert [L]
    Feature FilmDenis Robert [L]
    Grégoire Piaggi [L]
    Feature FilmGrégoire Piaggi [L]
    2013Mea Culpa
    Franck [L]
    Feature FilmFranck [L]