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Gender Crisis

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    Indie Feature Film | 2019-2021 | Silent Movie | Germany

    Shooting data

    Number of shooting days17

    Project data

    Length of movie80 Min.
    Aspect ratioWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
    Sound formatMono


    Brief synopsis

    Samson and Delilah. An old story about the crisis of the sexes - retold.

    There is a strong man living in the city. He's fast, handsome, and in demand. Everyone wants to be close to him. But in a rash moment, he tells a little too much. For his power lies in his hair, which must not be cut. Suddenly, something is happening in the city. People seem to have deciphered his secret and are now hunting him down.

    One night while he is leaning against a tree, exhausted, a couple comes and puts him to sleep and cuts his hair. The woman, her name is De, grabs the hair, eats it and now his power awakens in her.

    One sunny afternoon on a bridge she meets two mimes who tell her fortune. She will gain much happiness but also commit crimes. The woman faints and wakes up a little later.

    Her newfound power opens up unknown possibilities for her. Her powers of seduction are irresistible, but her lust for murder has also awakened. After enjoying her power to the fullest, a bedraggled woman sits down close to her. A little later it turns out that she has it in for her hair, but by then it's too late.

    Once again, the tide turns. Lilah, as the power's new owner is called, now has all doors open to her. She has taken over the magical hair.

    But is her time at the top about already counted...


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Taisiya SchumacherThe woman [L]
    Rostyslav BomeDer Kämpfer [L]
    Keziban InalDie Nachfolgerin [L]
    Jesse AlbertDer Mann mit der Schere [GS]
    Hans BayerDer Warner [GS]
    Philipp EckelmannDer Betrogene [GS]
    Sophie ReichertDie Verlassene [GS]
    Alec RosenthalDer Haarabschneider [GS]
    Timo JacobsDer Mann mit Schminke [SR]
    Anna Maria BöhmDie Frau am Fluss [SR]
    Eric CarterDer Spaßmacher [SR]
    Daniel ChristensenDer Mann mit grauem Hut [SR]
    Nadja FelkDie Frau mit Hut [SR]
    Raphael FülöpDer Vater [SR]
    Maximilian GehrlingerDer Pantomime [SR]
    Alice GruiaDie Frau mit Pelz [SR]
    Manuel HarderDer Mann mit schwarzem Hut [SR]
    Tim-Fabian HoffmannDer Mann mit Schal [SR]
    Yotam IshayDer Mann im Park [SR]
    Freya KreutzkamThe Pantomime [SR]
    Moritz SachsDer Scherenschnittkünstler [SR]
    Dominic Saleh-ZakiDer Mann am Dach [SR]
    Laura SchuhrkDie Frau im Park [SR]
    Judith ShoemakerDie Begleiterin [SR]
    Frederik von LüttichauDer Getötete [SR]
    Nikolai WillDer Schauspieler [SR]
    Jonathan WirtzDas Kind [SR]


    Title designerRabea Hashagen
    Director of photographyFrancisco De La Torre
    Director of photographyAntje Heidemann
    DirectorMalte Wirtz
    Dramaturgical editing advisorMatan Gershovitz
    ComposerWilhelm Friedmann
    Location scoutDirk Hassler
    Production assistantMario Dübell
    ScreenwriterMalte Wirtz
    Production sound mixerKonrad Staszewski

    Production companies

    Unfiltered Artists UA Filmstudio

    Distributing companies

    Unfiltered Artists UA Filmstudio


    PremiereSaturday, 18/09/2021Kino Babylon, Berlin