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Gegenlicht Design: Light Meters / Light Control, Special Constructions (Lighting), Staff (Lightning crews), Studio and Effect Lighting, Studio Rigging
© Benjamin Erdenberger
  • Light Meters / Light Control
  • Special Constructions (Lighting)
  • Staff (Lightning crews)
  • Studio and Effect Lighting
  • Studio Rigging


Benjamin Erdenberger
Meenkwiese 39b20249  HamburgGermany
Phone+49 176 62988286

    About Gegenlicht Design

    The Crew GEGENLICHT Design is a network of economically independent gaffers, electricians and lighting assistants. The crew concept is unique in the market and offers the highest quality as well as an enormous flexibility and reliability.

    Productions and projects with us guarantee our clients the adherence to the GEGENLICHT design principles at all times, enabling a highly professional, high-quality and economically effective work.

    GEGENLICHT Design is here to shine a light, in every aspect. We not only love to illuminate the set, but we also take great pride in our planning and organisation skills during preproduction. We adapt to any situation, striving to realise every need and wish that comes our way. We persistently analyse and archive our ever expanding body of work, determined to learn and grow with each new venture.

    Film projects

    2023Expert - Willkommen in der NachbarschaftCommercialNiels MünterMypony GmbH [de]
    TV Series, Apple TV+Oliver HirschbiegelTurbine Studios GmbHRiggingCrew
    2022ConstellationTV Series, Apple TV+MultipleTurbine Studios GmbH
    2022Tamaris - AOC VertrauenCommercialAdrian LenzFjul GmbH [de]
    2022Ferrero Kinder Schoko Bons - France (WT)CommercialGuy GoossensEmbassy of Dreams Filmproduktion [de]
    2022Subway - Battle of the FreshestCommercialGeorg von MitzlaffRabbicorn Films GmbH (formerly Jotz! Filmproduktion GmbH) [de]
    2022AboutYou - LeGer Performance (WT)CommercialStephan MühlauAbout You GmbH [de]
    2022About You - Black FridayCommercialSilvia RossiAbout You GmbH [de]
    2022Volkswagen - ID.4 GTX - Bring back the energyCommercialJakob GrunertZauberberg Productions GmbH
    2022Google - Pixel GP7CommercialMackenzie SheppardBonaparte Films GmbH
    2022Rewe - Mach deine Welt ein bisschen feinerCommercialMario FeilMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
    2022Die unlangweiligste Schule der Welt
    Teleskopstapler Rigging
    Feature FilmEkrem ErgünStorming Donkey Productions GmbH & Co. KGTeleskopstapler Rigging
    2022Die unlangweiligste Schule der Welt
    Rigging Crew
    Feature FilmEkrem ErgünStorming Donkey Productions GmbH & Co. KGRigging Crew
    2022A Thin Line
    Nachdreh 1DT
    TV Series, Paramount+Sabrina SarabiWeydemann Bros Serial Drama GmbH [de]Nachdreh 1DT
    2022Love Addicts
    Krankheitsvertretung 3DT
    TV Series, Prime Video (Amazon)Arabella BartschWarner Bros. ITVP Deutschland GmbHKrankheitsvertretung 3DT
    2022Das Haus der Träume
    TV Series, RTL+ [de], TVNOW [de]Umut DagX Filme Creative Pool GmbHRiggingCrew
    2022HUK - Unglaubliche Leistungen zum unglaublichen Preis (3 Videos)CommercialTim LöhrRabbicorn Films GmbH (formerly Jotz! Filmproduktion GmbH) [de]
    2022ZDF - WISO 2022Station IDDaniel LwowskiKatapult Filmproduktion GmbH
    2022Tempo - Samtig weich, waschmaschinenfest und biologisch abbaubarCommercialHenry Littlechilde+p films GmbH
    2022Toom - Schweinsteiger & Ivanović. Energiesparen (mehrere Spots)CommercialJon BarberZauberberg Productions GmbH


    Company data

    Date of company foundation2010
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin