Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2022A Winter’s JourneyFeature Filmn.n. [L]
    2021More Than Ever (aka Mister) (WT)Feature FilmMatthieu [L]
    2018Twice Upon a TimeLimited series, arteVincent Dauda [SS]
    2018SibylFeature FilmIgor [L]
    2017EvaFeature FilmBertrand Valade [L]
    2017One Nation, One KingFeature FilmBasile [L]
    2017To the Ends of the WorldFeature FilmRobert Tassen [L]
    2015The DancerFeature FilmLouis [L]
    2013Saint LaurentFeature FilmYves Saint Laurent [L]
    2008The Vintner's LuckFeature FilmXas [L]
    2008Inside RingFeature FilmAnton Malakian [L]
    2007La troisième partie du mondeFeature FilmFrançois [L]
    2006Hannibal RisingFeature FilmHannibal Lecter [L]
    2005Jacquou le CroquantFeature FilmJacquou [L]
    2004A Very Long EngagementFeature FilmManech [L]
    2002StrayedFeature FilmYvan [L]
    2002Summer ThingsFeature FilmLoïc [SR]