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Patrick Schorn
Meyerbeerstraße 9113088  BerlinGermany
Phone+49 30 25014005

    About Friendship Films GmbH

    Friendship Films Entertainment is a Hessen and Berlin based production company run by Patrick Schorn, who studied at the international renowned German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). In collaborative partnerships with our filmmakers we develop and produce engaging stories from script to screen for an international audience.

    Friendship Films provides a network for filmmakers, no matter if newcomer or veteran. We love to create and operate in a group where every member is equally important - independent from their responsibilities. Each team member contributes to our common goal – communicate with the audience.

    In its core, Friendship Films stands for a bunch of people who love what they do and work together in great teamwork in order to create something bigger.

    Projects as production

    2021Ghost in Radar (aka Softex) (WT)
    Executive Producer
    Feature FilmNoaz DesheExecutive Producer
    2020Servus Papa - See You in Hell (aka Wir, die Kinder) (WT)
    Executive Producer
    Feature FilmChristopher 'Bobby' RothExecutive Producer
    2019InsurgenteDocumentaryTonio David Hecker
    2019Selfie (WT)DocumentaryOswaldo Diaz Medina
    2016ThemMedium Length FilmTim Dünschede
    2014Young Sophie Bell
    Feature FilmAmanda AdolfssonService-Produktion
    2009Google Deutschland - COP 15. Raise Your Voice (mehrere Web Social Spots)CommercialPatrick Schorn

    Projects as distributor

    2012Dengue Salsa en CaliDocumentaryTonio David Hecker

    Branch offices

    Company data

    Experience abroadNorth America: USA
    East Asia: Japan
    South America: Colombia
    Southeast Asia: India
    Date of company foundation2009
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin
    Branch offices: