Freedom / Korkoro

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    Feature Film | 2008-2009 | Drama, Period | France

    Project data

    Film financing
    Length of movie111'
    Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
    Film negative stock35mm
    Release print stock35mm


    Brief synopsis

    Théodore, a veterinarian and mayor of a village situated in France's occupied zone during World War Two, has taken in Little Claude, a nine-year-old boy whose parents have been missing since the beginning of the war. Mademoiselle Lundi, the elementary school teacher, gets to know the Gypsies who have set up camp not far from there. They've come to do grape-picking in the region. A staunch humanist and republican, she arranges, with Théodore's help, for the Gypsy children to go to school.

    Meanwhile, Little Claude strikes up a friendship with Taloche, a thirty-year-old Gypsy who is a child at heart and who never goes anywhere without his violin. But the identity controls imposed by the Vichy regime increase and the Gypsies no longer have the right to travel about freely: Théodore therefore allows them to settle on one of his plots of land. Their nomadic life becomes a sedentary one.

    While the Gypsy children take Mademoiselle Lundi's classes, Little Claude is increasingly fascinated by the Bohemians' way of life - a world of freedom where children are king. But joy and carefreeness don't last long: the pressure from the Vichy police and the Gestapo intensifies and the threat of danger is constant. Just as they've been doing for hundreds of years, the Gypsies must once again set out down the road.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Marc LavoineThéodore Rosier [L]
    Marie-Josée CrozeMademoiselle Lundi [L]
    Carlo BrandtPierre Pentecôte [GS]
    RufusFernand [GS]
    James ThierréeTaloche [SR]
    Mathias LalibertéP’tit Claude [SR]
    Arben BajraktarajDarko [SR]
    George BabluaniKako [SR]
    Iljir SelimoskiChavo [SR]
    Kevyn DianaZanko [SR]
    Bojana PanicTina [SR]
    Raisa BielenbergPuri Dai [SR]
    Thomas BaumgartnerTatane [SR]
    Jochen HägeleSoldat allemand [SR]
    Andreas SimmaOfficer de la gestapo [SR]
    Jan Oliver SchroederOfficier allemand puits [BP]


    Director of photographyJulien Hirsch
    Costume designerCatherine Rigault
    DirectorTony Gatlif
    EditorMonique Dartonne
    ComposerDelphine Mantoulet
    ComposerTony Gatlif
    Production designerBrigitte Brassart
    Line producerDelphine Mantoulet
    Unit production managerChristian Paumier

    Production companies

    Princes Films [fr]
    France 3 Cinéma [fr]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 24/02/2010