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    • The Love Lords: "Demons & Pearls"
      "We are back in the 80s, back in the cold war, back in the times of crazy politicians and War Lords. Time for the resurrection of the Love Lords!"

      The Band

      Songs from the deepest soul. Against the cold that is coming up again. Against the aggressors going to war. Against the untruth. And there is only this one force that can be drawn into this monstrous field.
      Love Lords against War Lords in an epic clash whose outcome will decide a future of darkness or light.

      The album: "Demons & Pearls" (release 2022)

      "Demons & Pearls" is a tribute to the 80s in the sound of the present.
      A world full of ugliness, but also full of beauty and grace. The first is obvious, you don't have to look for long. The last is shy and fleeting. You have to search for it and hold on to it.

    About Francesco Tortora

    Music is my passion, my inspiration and my elixir of life.

    As a composer and producer, I am passionate about the world of tones and sounds. Every note is an expression of my innermost feelings and ideas.

    My quest for the extraordinary and my attention to detail drive me to constantly explore new avenues, create new soundscapes and continuously evolve. This has resulted in numerous projects of various genres - from orchestral film music to electronic beats - which I have been able to accompany, advise and realize in my more than 30-year career.

    What sets me apart from many composers and producers is my ability to capture the essence of an idea and transform it into music that goes straight to the heart of the listener and ends up sticking in their head!

    Creative Music & Sound Consultant

    My many years of experience have given me another tool. The know-how to convey my knowledge transparently and in such a way that the end result is satisfying for everyone.

    Regardless of whether I am accompanying you through a project as a composer and/or consultant, whether a film requires an atmospheric soundtrack or a brand is looking for a memorable audio logo - I am at your side to make your visions a reality.
    Thanks to my expertise and ability to understand and realize your wishes, there are no limits to our ability to create new worlds of sound.

    Let's start a musical journey together!

    Known for

    Fictional movies as composer

    2018Berlin, I Love YouFeature FilmMultipleWalk on Water GmbH [de]
    2018Ich liebe alles, was ich an dir hasseFeature FilmNadine KeilAmalia Film GmbH
    2016ReplaceFeature FilmNorbert KeilSparkling Pictures GmbH & Co. KG [de]
    2010Invasion from Planet SchrumpShort FilmNadine KeilKaamos Film, Lucia Scharbatke GbR [de]
    2009Holy WaterFeature FilmTom ReeveEyeline Entertainment [uk]
    2008Perfect LifeFeature FilmJosef RusnakThe Carousel Picture Company [lu]
    2006Bathtub to HappinessShort FilmMultipleGogo Film, Nadine Hoppe [de]
    2006Meine böse FreundinTV MovieMaris PfeifferEyeworks Germany GmbH | Fiction & Film (Warner Bros. ITVP Deutschland GmbH) [de]
    2005Ein starkes Team - Zahn um ZahnTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Maris PfeifferUfa GmbH
    2005DistortionFeature FilmKirk FoggRialto Films [us]
    2005Mein Vater, seine Neue und ichTV MoviePeter GersinaOlga Film GmbH
    2005Sherm!TV Series, Super RTL [de]MultipleBFC Berliner Film Companie Productions GmbH [de]
    2004Liebe AmelieTV Movie, WDR [de]Maris PfeifferOlga Film GmbH
    2004Da Boom CrewTV SeriesT.J. HouseBFC Berliner Film Companie Productions GmbH [de]
    2004Anna Inside/OutShort FilmSabine KrappweisAnna Film
    2004Das SchwalbennestTV Movie, ZDF [de]Maris PfeifferPolyphon Film GmbH
    2004Sherm!TV Series, Super RTL [de]Patty ShinagavaBFC Berliner Film Companie Productions GmbH [de]
    2004Liebes SpielFeature FilmBritta SauerSchmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv [de]
    2003Shadow of The ElvesTV Series, Super RTL [de]Dave OsborneBFC Berliner Film Companie Productions GmbH [de]
    2002Vier Küsse und eine E-MailTV Movie, SAT.1Felix DünnemannAkzente Film & Fernsehproduktion GmbH

    Advertising/Image/Music videos as composer

    2021Payback - EcouponingCommercialKai SchonrathCzar [de]
    2021Brainlab - Mixed Reality (Webfilm)Corporate FilmRenato NovakovicSehsucht GmbH [de]
    2020Ernsting's Family - AbenteuerwanderungCommercialNepomuk V. FischerOinkfilm
    2020Tempo - Natural & SoftCommercialClaas OrtmannDog Eat Dog [de/uk/us]
    2020Tempo - We are only HumanCommercialClaas OrtmannDog Eat Dog [de/uk/us]
    2020Allianz - Staying Home for ChristmasCommercialJan StollbergThe Beauty Aside GmbH
    2020Ernsting's Family - WassermelonenpartyCommercialNepomuk V. FischerNorth South Productions
    2020Ernsting's Family - GeschwisterliebeCommercialNepomuk V. FischerNorth South Productions
    2019Verivox - StressflüstererCommercialBen CallnerCzar [de]
    2019Bärenmarke - Weihnachten 2019CommercialLaurentius EmmelmannGK Film AG (formerly G+K Gehrisch & Krack Filmproduktions AG) [de]
    2019Bärenmarke - Nichts geht über FamilieCommercialLaurentius EmmelmannGK Film AG (formerly G+K Gehrisch & Krack Filmproduktions AG) [de]
    2018Ernsting's Family - FrühlingszauberCommercialNepomuk V. FischerOinkfilm
    2017Getty Images & fiftyfifty - Repicturing HomelessCommercialKevin KreftaChamaeleon Digital Vision GmbH
    2017Sparkasse - Kwitt. Geldbote
    Harald Zwart
    CommercialMultipleEdisen Germany GmbH (vormals Chimney GmbH)Harald Zwart
    2017Ernsting's Family - Sommer DenimCommercialNepomuk V. FischerNorth South Productions
    2015Kika - I bin a KikaCommercialMatthias BiererWolff Brothers GmbH
    2015Web.de - E-Mail made in GermanyCommercialNico BeyerCobblestone Filmproduktion
    2015Weihenstephan - GlaubensbekenntnisCommercialErnst Kalff3ltr Werbung & Film GmbH [de]
    2015The Voice Kids - Shake it off!CommercialRenato NovakovicProSiebenSat1 Produktion GmbH [de]
    2015Müller - Der Joghurt mit der Ecke. Mumbai (WT)CommercialPaul Gerwien3ltr Werbung & Film GmbH [de]

    Non-fictional movies as composer

    2018ttt - Titel Thesen TemperamenteTV Magazine, ARD [de]Christoph BigalkeCine Impuls Leipzig Fernsehproduktion GmbH
    2011Die großen Kriminalfälle - Bubi Scholz (WT)Documentary (Series), WDR [de]Nina KoshoferWDR - Westdeutscher Rundfunk [de]
    2010Legenden - Gert FröbeDocumentary (Series), ARD [de]Michael StrauvenCinecentrum Hamburg Deutsche Gesellschaft für Film- und Fernsehprod. mbH [de]
    2010Legenden - Michael JacksonDocumentary (Series), ARD [de]Michael WechECO Media TV-Produktion GmbH
    2010Die großen Kriminalfälle - Ingrid van Bergen (WT)Documentary (Series)Ulrike BrinckerWDR - Westdeutscher Rundfunk [de]
    2009Die großen Kriminalfälle - Heinrich Pommerenke (WT)Documentary (Series), SWR [de]Tom OckersCinecentrum Hamburg Deutsche Gesellschaft für Film- und Fernsehprod. mbH [de]
    2008Die großen Kriminalfälle - Der Oma-Mörder von BremerhavenDocumentary (Series)Dirk BlumenthalBremedia Produktion GmbH
    2008Legenden - Lieselotte PulverDocumentary (Series), ARD [de]Birgit KienzleSWR Südwestrundfunk (Zusammenschluss von SDR und SWF) [de]
    2008Legenden - Bernhard GrzimekDocumentary (Series), HR [de]MultipleScreen Art Productions GmbH
    2008Die großen Kriminalfälle - Der Ripper von MagdeburgDocumentary (Series), WDR [de]Hans-Dieter RutschHavel-Film Babelsberg
    2007Die großen Kriminalfälle - Der Mädchenmörder Ronny RiekenDocumentary (Series), ARD [de], RB - Radio Bremen TV [de]MultiplePro GmbH [de]
    2007Die großen Kriminalfälle - DagobertDocumentary (Series), SWR [de]Roland MayCinecentrum Hamburg Deutsche Gesellschaft für Film- und Fernsehprod. mbH [de]
    2007Legenden - Marlon BrandoDocumentary (Series), ARD [de]Michael StrauvenCinecentrum Hamburg Deutsche Gesellschaft für Film- und Fernsehprod. mbH [de]
    2007Legenden - Heinz RühmannDocumentary (Series)Sebastian DehnhardtBroadview TV GmbH
    2005Die großen Kriminalfälle - Berhhard Kimmel. Der Al Capone aus der PfalzDocumentary (Series), SWR [de]Roland MayCinecentrum Hamburg Deutsche Gesellschaft für Film- und Fernsehprod. mbH [de]
    2005Nirmala Devi - Freedom & LiberationDocumentary, BR [de]Carolin Dasseldevifilm GbR [de]
    2005Legenden - Hildegard KnefDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]Walter HarrichDiwa-Film GmbH
    2005Die großen Kriminalfälle - Tod im TaxiDocumentary (Series), SR [de]Dietmar NossNoss tv+filmproduktion
    2005Die großen Kriminalfälle - Post vom TangojünglingDocumentary (Series)Dirk BlumenthalRadio Bremen [de]
    2005Legenden - Rudi VöllerDocumentary (Series), ARD [de], SWR [de]Wolfgang SchoenTVSchoenfilm W. Schoen & H. Hillesheim GbR [de]

    Non-fictional movies as music producer

    2003be to be - business to businessDocumentary, ZDF [de]MultipleHFF Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München [de]

    Fictional movies in other activities

    2014Das letzte AbteilIndependent Feature FilmAndreas SchaapLittle Bridge Pictures [de]sound supervisor

    Other projects

    YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
    2020 - Todaymusic productionThe Love Lords: "Demons & PearlsComposer, Arranger, Musician, Singer, ProducerThe Love Lords


    2018Int. Hofer Filmtage: Nominee Best Film "Ich Liebe Alles Was Ich An Dir Hasse" (I Love Everything I Hate About You)
    20182 x Bronze: Sparkasse Savings Bank "Kwitt: Money Collector for Hire"
    2018ADC: Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze: Getty Images & 50/50 "Repicturing Homeless"
    2017Molins Film Festival - Nominee „Replace“ (Feature Film)
    2017Filmquest - Nominee (5 Cat.) Best Feature Film „Replace“ (Feature Film)
    2017Anatomy Crime an Horror FF - Best Original Screenplay "Replace" (Feature Film)
    2017A Night of Horror IFF - Best Film "Replace" (Feature Film)
    2017BIFFF - Best European Film "Replace" (Feature Film)
    2017New York Festival: Finalist: Toyota "Everlasting Love"
    2017Eyes & Ears: Winner: "Best Use Of Music" Universal Channel: Chicago Fire "Hero's Chorus"
    2016ADC - 2 x Bronze: Sparkasse Savings Bank "08/15 Bank: Lohmann Runs
    2013CCA Award - Gold: Colgate "Waterpik
    2013Die Klappe - Bronze: ARD & ZDF "Two Athletes. One goal"
    2013AME Awards - Platin & 2 x Gold: VW ‘Don't Makeup and Drive’
    2013AME Awards - Grand Trophy: VW ‘Don't Makeup and Drive’
    2012Int. Family Film Festival, LA - Best Foreign Drama: "Invasion from Planet Schrump".
    2012Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival - Winner: "Man/Forest"
    2012Eurobest Awards - 4 x Bronze: "Women's Emergency Call"
    2012Cannes Lions 2012 - Young Director’s Award:"Talk Before It’s Too Late“:
    2012Cannes Lions 2012 - Bronze: "Best Cyber": VW 'Don't Makeup and Drive
    2012Cannes Lions - Gold: "Best Viral": VW 'Don't Makeup and Drive
    2012Montreux - Golden Award: Sony Ericsson "Challenge life, challenge Experia".
    2011Ford Lauderdale Film Festival - Long Narrative Runner Up "Invasion from Planet Schrump"
    2011Red Rock Film Festival - Best Short "Invasion from Planet Schrump"
    2011Dragon*Con Ind. Film Festival - Best Short and Best Drama "Invasion from Planet Schrump".
    2009Washougal Int. Filmfestival - Winner best Foreign Short: “Bathtub to Happiness”
    2009Cinema City Int. Filmfestival - Winner best Foreign Short: "Bathtub to Happiness".
    2009Hardacre Film & Cinema Fest - Winner best Short: "Bathtub to Happiness"
    2009Long Island Film Expo - Winner best Short: “Bathtub to Happiness”
    2009Independent Film Festival-Winner best Fantasy Short: "Bathtub to Happiness".
    2009Int. Filmfestival Cannes - „A Perfect Day“, Feature Movie, Cinema
    2008Montreux - Gold: TV/Cinema: McDonald's "Prison Visit"
    2008Amnesty Int. Film Festival - Audience Award: „Angels In The Dust“

    Basic data

    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Hungary
    North America: USA
    Southern Europe: Italy
    Western Europe: England
    Immediate working areaMunich
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Bavaria
    Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, London, Marbella, Munich, Naples