Indie Feature Film | 2017-2019 | Mockumentary | Germany, Great Britain

Brief synopsis

A documentary film crew decide to make a film about one of Berlin’s most interesting characters, Marco, a man who has spent several years living in its 19 Fotoautomaten (photobooths). His reason? He is on a protest mission against an increasingly capitalistic society. However, the story unravel and the crew discovers that this interesting character has a dark side. When a mystery surrounds the disappearance of first, a drug dealer and then their cameraman, suspicious fall upon the Fotoautomat Man. But, with no evidence or proof… There is no case. The director desperately keep his production moving forward, but filming can become a gets a little difficult when you can’t find your cameraman!


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Sönke MöhringMarco Schwartz [L]
John Keogh
Colman Smethwick [L]
Victoria Mayers-GrayDanni Hanisch [L]
Marc Aden GrayPeter Adams [L]
Melissa Holroyd
Molly Marsden [L]
Till BauerStephan Lubzer [L]
Hubertus GellerDutch [SR]
Agnieszka PaschkeExcited Polish Girl [SR]
Daniel SchröderTerry Blut [SR]
Gisela BerkAttractive Older Lady [BP]
Hubert BurczekMiddle Aged Man [BP]
Mala GhediaIndian tourist [BP]
Judith Rosa KleinGerman Woman [BP]
Viktoria NgotséKellnerin [BP]
Christin NicholsStella


2nd ADAnthony Straeger
Costume designerClaudia González
WardrobeChristin Wanke
WardrobeAnna-Maria Valeton
DirectorO’Neil Sharma
1st AD (local system)Moritz Draheim
EditorKrischan Hintz
Makeup artist / hair stylistLuana Lew
ProducerClaudia González
ProducerAnthony Straeger
ScreenwriterAnthony Straeger
ScreenwriterO’Neil Sharma
Production sound mixerManuel Vogt

Production companies

Quid in Shrapnel, Anthony Straeger [de/uk]