Florian Ross, director, marketing, public relations, editor, Düsseldorf
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  • Director
  • marketing, public relations
  • editor
Born on 30.05.1982 in Saarbrücken (41 Years)


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    About Florian Ross

    1982 born in Saarbrücken | shot his first film at the age of sixteen | after school he finished training as media designer in Düsseldorf | created short films and music videos, worked as director and editor in Düsseldorf | 2007 first award at a short film festival with his movie „Clooney“ | 2010-2014 he studied directing at ifs international filmschool cologne | since 2013 member of the European Web Video Academy | 2014 Bachelor of Arts | since 2014 he works as director for various feature and commercial films | 2018 feature film debut with „A Jar Full of Life“.

    Known for

    Fictional movies as marketing, public relations

    2020Wolke unterm DachFeature FilmAlain GsponerPantaleon Films GmbH
    2016You Are Wanted
    Making of / Promotionclips
    TV Series, Prime Video (Amazon)MultiplePantaleon Films GmbHMaking of / Promotionclips
    2016Jack the Ripper - Eine Frau jagt einen Mörder
    Making of
    TV Movie, SAT.1Sebastian NiemannPantaleon Pictures GmbHMaking of
    2015Most beautiful Day
    Making of / Drehtagebücher
    Feature FilmFlorian David FitzPantaleon Films GmbHMaking of / Drehtagebücher
    2015Sex & Crime
    Making of
    Feature FilmPaul Florian MüllerWeydemann Bros. GmbH [de]Making of
    2014Der Nanny
    Making of / Drehtagebücher
    Feature FilmMatthias SchweighöferPantaleon Films GmbHMaking of / Drehtagebücher

    Fictional movies as editor

    2011Bis zum letzten SchluckShort FilmFlorian Rossifs Internationale Filmschule Köln GmbH
    2007ClooneyShort FilmFlorian RossInima Filmkommunikation

    Fictional movies in other activities

    2011Anti-Aging ErnaShort FilmLevin Hübnerifs Internationale Filmschule Köln GmbHset manager/ floor manager
    2010Wir lieben AlltagShort FilmFlorian ForschABKM Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht / Maastricht Institute of Art [nl]director of photography
    2010The ActorShort FilmOliver WergersOliver Wergers Filmproduktion [de]set manager/ floor manager

    Shows/Live/Events in other activities

    2007Phoneheads & Düsseldorfer Symphoniker - Live!Concert RecordingUlrich BänschX-Posed Film, Artelt & Bänschsteadicam operator

    Film awards

    2019VielmachglasBerlin & Beyond Film Festival [de]Youth 4 German Cinema Award - Runner-up winnerWinner
    2014Deer RifleFilmfest Emden NorderneyEngelke KurzfilmpreisWinner
    2013Bis zum letzten SchluckKrimifestival Tatort EifelKurzfilmwettbewerb 2. PreisWinner
    2007ClooneyFilmfest DüsseldorfJurypreisWinner
    2007ClooneyFilmfest DüsseldorfPublikumspreisWinner
    2007ClooneyManhattan Short Film Festival [ch]Bester FilmNominated

    Basic data

    Experience abroadSouth Africa: South Africa
    Immediate working areaDüsseldorf
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia
    Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin