Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Mogli - RavageMedium Length Filmcreator
    2020Mogli - RavageMedium Length Filmdirector
    2019Unu - Move ForwardCommercialdirector
    2019RepetitivumShort Filmgaffer
    2019Majan - Tag ein Tag ausMusic Videolighting technician / electrician
    2019Rikas - Fanny Pack PartyMusic Videolighting technician / electrician
    2018Gewobag - Waterkant. We DoCorporate Filmdirector
    2017Seat - Voices of X-Mas (4 Internetfilme)Commercialdirector
    2017Mercedes - Me Connect (WT)Commercialdirector
    2017Karlswrong - Stay comfortableCommercialco-director
    2016Frangelico - Kaffeekränzchen (6 Filme)Commercialdirector of photography
    2015Ronny & KlaidFeature Filmkey grip
    2015Beats by Dr. Dre - The Voice of GermanyCommercial1st assistant camera
    2015Shariando - Wie funktioniert Shariando? (Homepage)Commercial1st assistant camera
    2015ShanzoTeaser (Film Concept)key grip
    2014Bella Block - Die schönste Nacht des LebensTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]2nd assistant camera
    2014Dengler - Die letzte FluchtTV Movie, ZDF [de]2nd assistant camera
    2014FamilienfestFeature Film2nd assistant camera
    2014Agent Provocateur - ResurrectionSpec Commercialkey grip
    2014ArrivalShort Film1st assistant camera