Projects saved at Crew United

    2017As Green as it GetsFeature Filmdirector
    2016Sky BlueIndie Feature Filmcreative producer
    2014ColoniaFeature Filmproducer
    2014ColoniaFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2014ColoniaFeature Filmdirector
    2013Hin und wegFeature Filmproducer
    2008Majestic Filmverleih - John Rabe (Trailer)Commercialdirector
    2007City of War - The Story of John RabeFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2007City of War - The Story of John RabeFeature Filmdirector
    2005N.I.N.A. - Kinderlieder gegen Kindesmissbrauch (2 Social Spots)Commercialdirector
    2005City Yoga BerlinCommercialdirector
    2003Shadows of TimeFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2003Shadows of TimeFeature Filmdirector
    1999Quiero SerShort Filmdirector
    1999HonoluluFeature Filmdirector
    1997HureShort Filmdirector
    1994Buck im GlückShort Filmdirector