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Short Film | 2018-2019 | Comedy, Politics, Satire | Germany
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Brief synopsis

The German-German borderlands in the 1980s: Right through the middle of the Schaalsee runs a precisely defined "fluid border" between East- and West Germany. One night a storm shifts one of buoys which form the borderline. While the border guards from East and West are trying to restore the border, two land surveyors throw their prejudices overboard and tear down the boundaries.

(Joana Vogdt)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Leon UllrichLeisering [L]
Uwe PreussSchulze [L]
Hannes HellmannMärz [SR]
Patrick von BlumeWolter [SR]
Holger DaemgenNiemann [SR]
John LudwigSoldat Jung [SR]
Kai EhlersKostropetsch [SR]
Detelf MohrSchulze (der Falsche) [SR]


director of photographyJana Marsik
1st assistant cameraJoachim Haller
2nd assistant cameraVitali Kirsch
assistant costume designerLiza Frieda Bierbaum
directorJoana Vogdt
gafferPeter Assmann
producerJoana Vogdt
producerMatthias Greving
freelance producerJanina Sara Hennemann
production designerRoland Ascheid
unit production managerLea Helen Hepe
set manager / 3rd ADPhilip Heremans
screenwriterJoana Vogdt
production sound mixerMichael Manzke


Cameras and UtilitiesVantage Film GmbH
CostumesLEON ActionteamPolizei Uniformen