Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Tamara (WT)Indie Feature Film
    2021Reizstoff (WT)Short Film
    2021Subtext (WT)Indie Feature Film
    2020Iris (WT)Indie Feature Film
    2020Up, Up (WT)Series, RBB [de]co-production
    2020All Roads Lead to no Home (WT)Documentary
    2020Wir! (WT)Report
    2020Entre dois Mundos (WT)Documentary
    2020Die allgemeine OrdnungEducation/Training Production
    2020Auf Platte (WT)Short Film
    2020Allein im Weltall (WT)Education/Training Production
    2020Happy Tails (WT)Short Film
    2020Watermelonman (AT) (WT)Experimental Film
    2020Pics (WT)Education/Training Production
    2020Affendomino (WT)Short Film
    2020Eine Nacht (WT)Short Film
    2020Scheißwetter (WT)Short Film
    2020Paul Sies - Orpheus und EurydikeMusic Video
    2020How To Milky Way (Teaser) (WT)Education/Training Production