Projects saved at Crew United

    2019One of Us (WT)Documentary Feature
    2017The InnocentFeature Film
    2016Il Colore Nascosto delle CoseFeature FilmTheatrical Germany
    2016Animals - Stadt Land TierFeature Film
    2016Different Kinds of RainFeature FilmDeutschland
    2016Baden BadenFeature FilmVerleih Deutschland
    2016Robert Doisneau, le révolté du merveilleuxDocumentary, arteKinoverleih Deutschland
    2015FreedomFeature Film
    2015PokotFeature Film
    2015Die Frau mit der Kamera - Abisag TüllmannDocumentary Feature
    2014Futatsumo No MadoFeature Film
    2013Wo ich wohne - Ilse Aichinger (WT)Documentary
    2013Wem gehört die StadtDocumentary Feature
    2013AloysFeature Film
    2013AnderswoFeature Film
    2011Farewell, Herr SchwarzDocumentary Feature
    2010Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and CryingFeature Film
    2010So Broad and Big - The Nature of Otto ModersohnDocumentary FeatureDeutschland
    2009Work Hard - Play HardDocumentary
    2007If One of Us Dies, I'll Go to ParisDocumentary