Feuer & Flamme

  • Feuer und Flamme (Working title)
Documentary Series | 2020 | WDR [de] | Germany
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Main data

Shooting data

Start of shooting02/10/2020
End of shooting20/11/2020
Number of shooting days50

Project data

Length of episode44
Broadcast datewöchentlich
Number of episodes6
Aspect ratioTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)


    Director of photographyGustav Schmidt
    Director of photographyPhilipp Metz
    Director of photographyFinn Wittig
    Director of photographyChristian Dietz
    Director of photographyDunja Engelbrecht
    Director of photographyRené Schröter
    Drone camera operatorReimar Gelke
    DIT digital imaging technicianNiko Nottensteiner
    DIT digital imaging technicianOlga Zhuchkova
    DIT digital imaging technicianLars Rosenbaum
    DIT digital imaging technicianReimar Gelke
    DIT digital imaging technicianChristian Dietz
    DIT digital imaging technicianLuise Dietert
    DirectorLina Krücken
    Assistant editorOlga Zhuchkova
    Executive producerLina Krücken
    Line producerBen Krieger
    Production managerSven Struchhold
    Assistant production managerJulia Lansche
    Unit managerTobias Kubern
    Commissioning editorSilke SchneeWDR
    Producer-directorJelka Ninja Below
    Producer-directorDésirée Gölz
    Producer-directorBea Reinecke
    Producer-directorAnna-Maria Bolenius
    Producer-directorMeike Trautmann
    Video-producerFelix Rother
    Video-producerTobias Hametner
    Editorial assistantDarlien Schürmann

    Production companies

    SEO Entertainment GmbH


    Technical ServicesThomm TVEB-Team


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingGermanyWDR [de]Monday, 15/05/2017