Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2022The Palace (WT)
    n.a. [L]
    Feature Filmn.a. [L]
    2022Complètement cramé / Mr Blake at your service (WT)
    n.a. [L]
    Feature Filmn.a. [L]
    2021Les Volets verts (WT)
    n.a. [L]
    Feature Filmn.a. [L]
    2021Bonjour Minuit
    Sasha [L]
    Short FilmSasha [L]
    2020Couleurs de l'incendie (WT)
    n.a. [GS]
    Feature Filmn.a. [GS]
    2020The Young Lovers
    Shauna [L]
    Feature FilmShauna [L]
    Caroline [L]
    Feature FilmCaroline [L]
    2018Ma mère est folle
    Nina, la mère [L]
    Feature FilmNina, la mère [L]
    2018La Belle Époque
    Marianne [L]
    Feature FilmMarianne [L]
    2018The Bare Necessity
    Thérèse Perdrix [SR]
    Feature FilmThérèse Perdrix [SR]
    2017Shock Waves - Diary of My Mind
    Esther Fontanel (Lehrerin) [L]
    Feature FilmEsther Fontanel (Lehrerin) [L]
    2015Waiting for You
    Madeleine Brown [L]
    Feature FilmMadeleine Brown [L]
    2013Casanova Variations
    Lucrecia [L]
    Feature FilmLucrecia [L]
    2012Le Clan des Lanzac
    Elisabeth Lanzac [L]
    TV Movie (multi-part), France 3 [fr]Elisabeth Lanzac [L]
    2011Nos retrouvailles
    Elisabeth Andrieu [L]
    TV Movie, France 2 [fr]Elisabeth Andrieu [L]
    Empress consort Alexandra [L]
    TV Movie, France 3 [fr]Empress consort Alexandra [L]
    Françoise Lagier [SR]
    Feature FilmFrançoise Lagier [SR]
    2005Paris, je t'aime
    Fanny [SR]
    Traudel Haas
    Feature FilmFanny [SR]Traudel Haas
    20028 Femmes
    Pierrette [L]
    Hannelore Elsner
    Feature FilmPierrette [L]Hannelore Elsner
    1995Beyond the Clouds
    Patricia [L]
    Feature FilmPatricia [L]