Projects saved at Crew United

    2023(spec client missing) - Mach's dir richtig!Spec Commercial
    2023Peppichino (WT)Education/Training Production
    2023noRoom (WT)Short Film
    2022Kum å Ba DiaShort Film
    2022Money TreeShort Film
    2022Money TreeShort Film
    2022Doubts (WT)Spec Commercial
    2022Arms Wide OpenEducation/Training Production
    2022VeraTeaser (Series Concept)
    2022BettleShort Film
    2021BabushkaShort Film
    2021Wer bin ich?Spec Commercial
    2021Ein tödliches Wochenende (WT)Short Film
    2021The Showdown - One Hell of a RideShort Film
    2021Head Gravity - SweetspotCommercial
    2021Goldfish in the Hamster WheelShort Film
    2021Baula - Alligator On The RocksMusic Video
    2021Namik (WT)Short Film
    2021Social ScoreEducation/Training Production
    2021Let's GoShort Film