Projects saved at Crew United

    2015Kur- & Vitalhotel Sonnen Bad Kohlburg - WellnessCorporate Film
    2013Mata MataDocumentary
    2011Siemens - Siemens SafetyCorporate Film
    2011Olympic Games 2018 - The Festival of FriendshipCommercial
    201113th Street - Shockbuster
    Reddot Design Award
    CommercialReddot Design Award
    201113th Street - Independent Shots
    Reddot Design Award
    CommercialReddot Design Award
    2010Bewerbungsgesellschaft München 2018 - 100 Sekunden München (Pitch)Corporate Film
    20089to5 - Days in PornDocumentary
    2008Journey to the CenterDocumentary
    200720 Seconds of JoyDocumentary
    2006FIS - Alpine Championship 2011Commercial
    2006Fatima's HandDocumentary
    2005Garmisch-Partenkirchen - CharactersCorporate Film
    2004Bet and Win - Welt des WettensCommercial