Fête de famille

  • Joyeux anniversaire (aka L'amour, l'amour, l'amour) (Working title)
Feature Film | 2018-2019 | Drama | France

Shooting data

Start of shooting19.06.2018
End of shooting02.08.2018
LocationsLot-et-Garonne (Nouvelle Aquitaine)

Project data

Budget5,35 M€
Film financing
Length of movie101'
Picture formatWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
Sound formatDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 Kanäle)


  • [fr] Bande-annonce officielle - Le Pacte

Brief synopsis

A family gets together one summer day to celebrate the mother’s 70 birthday. There’s her husband, their two sons, one with his wife and their two boys, the other with his new girlfriend, a movie camera to immortalize the event and a young woman eighteen years old who seems to have grown up here.
Things seem peaceful and joyous until the unexpected arrival of the younger sister who had vanished four years before. She is greeted like the prodigal daughter but brings chaos in tow.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Catherine DeneuveAndréa [L]
Emmanuelle BercotClaire [L]
Vincent MaicagneRomain [L]
Cédric KahnVincent [L]
Luàna BajramiEmma [SR]
Laetitia ColombaniMarie [SR]
Isabel-Aimé Gonzalez-SolaRosita [SR]
Alain ArturJean [SR]
Joshua RosinetJulien [SR]
Milan HatalaMilan [SR]
Solal Ferreira DayanSolal [SR]


production accountantMarlovy Aguilar
accountantFlor Burgos
cashierDelphine Veron
director of photographyYves Cape
1st assistant cameraSylvain Zambelli
2nd assistant cameraMathieu Cassan
video playback operatorSwan Guessoum
casting directorAntoine Carrard
costume designerAlice Cambournac
assistant costume designerJonna Rossi
assistant costume designerAmélie Caillart Mihau
wardrobeKahina Le Querrec
costume patinationIsabelle Boiton
directorCédric Kahn
2nd assistant directorAxelle Boudet
3rd assistant directorNicolas Bureau
editorYann Dedet
assistant editorMinori Akimoto
key/dolly gripManu Van Wambeke
grip assistantThomas Blanc
gafferJean-Noël Viry
electricianGaël Parat
producerSylvie PialatLes Films du Worso
producerBenoît QuainonLes Films du Worso
producerAude Cathelin
co-producerGeneviève Lemal
freelance producerAljandro Arenas
Business AffairsMarie Besançon
production designerGuillaume Deviercy
assistant production designerChristian Vallat
assistant production designerJulie Wassef
assistant art directorPierre Yves Gadioux
set decoratorEmilie Ferrenq
assistant set decoratorNathalie Contraires
assistant set decoratorMaceo Pepin Cahours
prop masterValérie Pszonka
standby propsLionel Sorce
location scoutMatthieu Laemle
unit production managerAude Cathelin
unit production managerDavid RagonigScope Pictures
production coordinatorHilaire Perthuis
assistant production managerSofia Lemos MarquesScope Pictures
unit managerAmélie Supau
location managerÉmilie Bourret
screenwriterCédric Kahn
co-writerFanny Burdino
co-writerSamuel Doux
production sound mixerJean-Pierre Duret
boom operatorDominique Eyraud
sound re-recording mixerThomas Gauder
sound editorSylvain Malbrant
special effects supervisorOlivier de LaveleyePluie

Production companies

Les Films du Worso [fr]
France 2 Cinéma [fr]co-production
Scope Pictures [be]co-production
Tropdebonheur Productions [fr]co-production
Canal+ [fr]participation
Ciné+ [fr]participation
France Télévisions [fr]participation

Distributing companies

Elle Driver [fr]World Sales
Le Pacte [fr]Distribution France


2019FranceFestival du Film Francophone d'AngoulêmeLes Avant-Premières


Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 04.09.2019
PremiereSaturday, 24.08.2019Festival du Film Francophone d'Angoulême