Projects saved at Crew United

    2018VW - Post It, Baby Phone, GesturesCommercialbest girl
    2018ByHours - Carpe HoramCommercialelectrician
    2018Dead NatureShort Filmelectrician
    2017Ohne EuchShort Filmgaffer
    2017Weitermachen Sanssouci (WT)Feature Filmbest girl
    2017Ronny & KlaidFeature Filmlighting trainee2. Block
    2017Seat - Voices of X-Mas (4 Internetfilme)Commerciallighting assistant
    2017Hardskills GmbH - E-learning für den indischen MarktEducational Serieselectrician
    2017The Components of LoveFeature Filmelectrician
    2016Elope with meShort Filmbest girl
    2016SPD-Kassel-Land - Abends in der BarCommercialgaffer
    2016SPD-Kassel-Land - Auf dem FußballplatzCommercialgaffer
    2015You are the Center of the WorldVideo Installationgaffer
    2015Emily must waitShort Filmdirector of photography
    20135°MiloradPavic (NOT RELEASED) (WT)Short Filmbest girl
    2013Sparkasse Kassel - Der Faktor MenschCommercialelectrician
    2012MorpheusFeature Filmelectrician
    2012Tschüss PapaShort Filmbest girl
    2012LiquidationShort Filmelectrician
    2012Masquerade (WT)Short Filmelectrician