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Commercial | 2022 | Climate, Nature-Environment | Germany

Main data

DirectorPaul Kühn
Written byPaul Kühn (head writer)
ProductionSaints GmbH [de]

Shooting data

Number of shooting days4
LocationsRaum München, Magdeburg
Filming regionsGermany - Bavaria, Germany - Saxony-Anhalt

Brief synopsis

Measures to reduce CO2 are a top priority in the EU. This includes encouraging more and more people to make their own CO2 footprint more environmentally friendly.
To this end, the Europe-wide CLIMATE CAMPAIGNERS initiative is planned. The central tool is a specially developed app. It gives citizens valuable tips on how to save CO2, actively supports them in their "Climate Challenge", provides real-time data and networks users with each other so that they can share their experiences. Above all, the project is intended to provide important data and findings for science and serve as a basis for political recommendations for action.
Responsible for the Europe-wide project is a consortium of selected cities, NGOs and universities - funded by the European Union's Horizon research 2020 and innovation program.

(Source: https://www.saints.de/climatecampaigners)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Lea Luisa SchönhuberMia [L]
Baran SönmezBilge [L]
Paulina FerrariJosie [L]
Leyla BischoffCleo [L]
Philine Meillerracing cyclist [BP]
Johanna PraxmarerEllie


Director of photographyTill Kollenda
DirectorPaul Kühn
1st AD (local system)Eileen Kier
EditorPaul Kühn
EditorTill Kollenda
ProducerKai Kier
Head writerPaul Kühn
Creative directors (advertising agency)Kai Kier
Marketing, public relationsOliver Mewald

Production companies

Saints GmbH [de]