Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018Juliet, NakedFeature FilmTucker Crowe [L]
    2018The TruthFeature FilmHank [L]
    2017First ReformedFeature FilmReverend Ernst Toller [L]
    2016Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsFeature FilmJolly The Pimp [L]
    2015The Magnificent SevenFeature FilmGoodnight Robicheaux [L]Frank Schaff
    2013CymbelineFeature FilmIachimo [L]Frank Schaff
    2013Before MidnightFeature FilmJesse [L]Frank Schaff
    2012GetawayFeature FilmBrent [L]Frank Schaff
    2010The Woman in the FifthFeature FilmTom Ricks [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    2009DaybreakersFeature FilmEdward [L]
    2009Moby DickTV Movie (multi-part), RTLStarbuck [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    2009New York, I Love YouFeature FilmWriter (segment Yvan Attal) [SR]Frank Schaff
    2000BoyhoodFeature FilmDad [L]Frank Schaff
    1998The Velocity of GaryFeature FilmNat [SR]Alexander Brem
    1996GattacaFeature FilmVincent Freeman [L]Andreas Fröhlich
    1994Before SunriseFeature FilmJesse [L]Frank Schaff