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    Fictional movies as 1st AD

    2022Paris Police 1905TV Series, Canal+ [fr]MultipleTetra Media
    2021Reign SupremeLimited series, arte, NetflixMultipleLes Films du Bélier [fr]
    2019VampiresTV Series, NetflixMultipleTetra Media
    2003A Very Long EngagementFeature FilmJean-Pierre Jeunet2003 Productions [fr]
    2001TanguyFeature FilmÉtienne ChatiliezTéléma [fr]
    2001VidocqFeature FilmPitofRF2K Productions [fr]
    1997The Count of MontecristoLimited series, TF1 [fr]Josée DayanG.M.T. Productions [fr]

    Basic data

    EducationBaccalaureate Literary Education + 3 Philosophy studies.
    Cinema Training Editing 16mmX35mm / Ast editor
    1988: ECPA Training of armies as assistant director..
    Then 3 years as a feature film manager...then 5 years as an assistant director...
    For more than 20 years I have been putting my skills at the service of productions and directors...
    I speak English fluently and Spanish...Not too bad at writing them too...
    Professional trips to South Africa/Tanzania and French Guiana...I know Mexico very well and also several stays in the USA (East and West coast.)
    Currently I work as a Scout-Location Senior (1st assistant director or Location manager..)
    I work on Feature Films, TV Series and Advertising Spots in the Paris region and throughout France...
    Immediate working areaParis
    1st residence (federal state or country)France - Île-de-France