Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018Men in Black InternationalFeature FilmAgent O [GS]
    2017Johnny English 3Feature FilmPrime Minister [L]
    2017The Children ActFeature FilmFiona Maye [L]Monica Bielenstein
    2015Alone in BerlinFeature FilmAnna Quangel [L]
    2015Beauty and the BeastFeature FilmMrs. Potts (Gesang) [SR]Marion Martienzen
    2015Beauty and the BeastFeature FilmMrs. Potts [SR]Marina Köhler
    2014A Walk in the WoodsFeature FilmCatherine Bryson [L]Monica Bielenstein
    2014The Legend of Barney ThomsonFeature FilmCemolina [L]
    2013Saving Mr BanksFeature FilmP.L. Travers [L]
    2012Men in Black 3Feature FilmO [L]
    2009Nanny McPhee ReturnsFeature FilmNanny McPhee [L]Monica Bielenstein
    2007Brideshead RevisitedFeature FilmMrs. Flyte [SR]
    2005Stranger Than FictionFeature FilmKaren Eiffel [SR]
    2002Imagining ArgentinaFeature FilmCecilia Rueda [L]
    1997Primary ColorsFeature FilmSusan Stanton [L]
    1995Sense and SensibilityFeature FilmElinor Dashwood [L]
    1987Fortunes of WarTV Movie (multi-part)Harriet Pringle [L]