TV Series | 2019-2020 | Paramount Network [us] | Dramedy | USA
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Shooting data

Start of shooting13/08/2019
End of shooting30/11/2019

Project data

Length of episode30'


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Lily CollinsEmily [SS]
Ashley ParkMindy Chen [SS]
William AbadieAntoine Lambert [GS]
Arnaud Viardn.c. [GS]
Kate Walshn.n. [GS]
William Abadien.n. [SSR]
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieun.n. [SSR]
Charlotte KrenzGerman Woman [SRE]
Natascha WieseCelia [SRE]


2nd ADCharlyne LiquitoTournage en Anglais
DirectorAndrew Fleming
Executive producerLilly BurnsJax Media
Executive producerTony HernandezJax Media
Executive producerLily Collins
Executive producerDarren Star
Assistant set decoratorLouise Pichon
Art department coordinatorSophie Ba
Assistant location managerChristophe Guillerault
CreatorDarren Star