Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2019West WorldTV Series, HBO [us]Man in Black [SSR]
    2018ResistanceFeature FilmGeorge Smith Patton Jr. [L]
    2018WestworldTV Series, HBO [us]Man in Black [SS]
    2016Mother!Feature FilmMan [L]
    2015GeostormFeature FilmDekkom [SR]
    2014Run all nightFeature FilmShawn Maguire [L]
    2013Pain and GainFeature FilmEd Du Bois [SR]Wolfgang Condrus
    2013CymbelineFeature FilmCymbeline [L]Wolfgang Condrus
    2012SnowpiercerFeature FilmWilford [SR]
    2009The Way BackFeature FilmMr. Smith [L]
    2007National Treasure: Book of SecretsFeature FilmMitch Wilkinson [SR]
    2005Copying BeethovenFeature FilmLudwig van Beethoven [L]
    2001Army Go HomeFeature FilmBermann [SR]
    2000A Beautiful MindFeature FilmParcher [L]
    1996The RockFeature FilmGeneral Francis X. Hummel [L]
    1995Apollo 13Feature FilmGene Kranz [SR]