Dino Weisz, director, Leipzig

    About Dino Weisz

    Dino Weisz is a German film director and screenwriter. After his film studies in France (Université Paris 8), Weisz completed his diploma at the HfbK Hamburg with Wim Wenders and Gerd Roscher. His thesis film is an experimental road movie through the East German provinces. His current film “Farasha” also takes place in a small East German town and shows the strong division in the German society on the subject of migration.

    Non-fictional projects as director

    2011Uncertain StepsDocumentaryDino WeiszDGS Filmproduktion

    Fictional projects in other activities

    2020Ivie wie IvieFeature FilmSarah BlaßkiewitzWeydemann Bros. GmbH [de]2nd AD crowd (local system)
    2019Les Magnétiques / Magnetics / Die Magnetischen (aka P4) (WT)Feature FilmVincent CardonaEasy Tiger [fr]2nd AD Crowd
    2019Ivie wie IvieFeature FilmSarah BlaßkiewitzWeydemann Bros. GmbH [de]data wrangler / digital loader
    2019FarashaShort FilmDino WeiszWunderwelt Pictures GbReditor
    2019FarashaShort FilmDino WeiszWunderwelt Pictures GbRscreenwriter
    2018Roxy Love ChildShort FilmMultipleWunschkindfilm [de]director of photography
    2016Once AgainFeature FilmKanwal SethiJar Pictures [in]2nd unit director
    2008777 to Point ZeroDocu-FictionDino WeiszDGS Filmproduktionscreenwriter

    Advertising/Image/Music videos in other activities

    2009Medicke Metallbau - Harmonie der VielfaltCorporate FilmDino WeiszEventfilm, Katj Uhlig [de]screenwriter

    Film awards

    2019FarashaChhatrapati Shivaji Int. Filmfestival [in]EditingWinner
    2019FarashaKontrast - Bayreuther Kurzfilm Festfest [de]Audience AwardWinner
    2019FarashaIndie Flicks [uk]Directors Choice AwardWinner
    2018FarashaPrague Film Awards [cz]Best Short FilmWinner
    2015Five Minutes of FriendshipFilmfest BiberachKurzfilmeNominated

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish French German
    Experience abroadEastern Europe: Poland, Ukraine
    Southeast Asia: India
    Western Europe: France
    Special skillsFluid french
    EducationParis - Université Paris 8, études des film
    HfbK - Hamburg Diploma Film with Wim Wenders and Gerd Roscher
    Immediate working areaLeipzig
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Saxony
    2nd residence (if applicable)Berlin
    Accommodation possibilitiesHamburg, Munich