Short Film | 2017-2018 | Animation | Germany
The project "Die sicherste Sauna der Welt" has been editorially approved, but continues to be regularly reviewed, updated and supported through to release by our editors. Please inform us of missing, false or outdated data.

    Brief synopsis

    You are now entering the textile-free area: the sauna as a micro state. The participants embrace the rules. They undress. All of them have the same goal: recreation, relaxation and peace. This peace is preserved by the clothed sauna masters. Over the course of the sauna rounds, rule violations become prevalent in the eyes of the sauna masters and the situation escalates.



    DirectorNils Knoblich
    ProducerMartin Schmidt [5]
    ProducerDennis Stein-Schomburg
    ScreenwriterNils Knoblich

    Production companies

    Raum 230 GbR, Dennis Stein-Schomburg [de]