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LIG Mappe | © Melissa Arcak, Gerda Neumann
© Melissa Arcak, Gerda Neumann
Short Film | 2023-2024 | Black Comedy, Science Fiction | Germany
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Shooting data

Start of shooting03/09/2023
End of shooting06/10/2023
Number of shooting days20
Filming regionsGermany - North Rhine-Westphalia

Project data

Film financing
Length of movie45 Min.
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)

Brief synopsis

On Friday evening, the three friends Lisa, Michael and Boris actually just want to switch off from the stressful working week. But everything turns out differently than expected when Michael crashes his car and they have to get it off the road before anyone sees it. They want to buy a tow rope from the gas station cashier Daniela, when suddenly a UFO lands in the neighborhood and an alien causes mischief. Together with Daniela, they use their employee skills to fight the uninvited guest so they can finally call it a day.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Franziska FerrariLisa [L]
Lars DickelMichael [L]
Nuri Furkan ArslanBoris [L]
Hannah NeumannDaniela [L]
David LuneraAlien [SR]
Susanne BlodtEstelle [SR]
Lea KiernanJanine [SR]
Jonas ThomsenMagnus [SR]
Stefan MorawietzBarkeeper [BP]
Svenja Marija ToplerSchrullige Frau [BP]


Digital compositor / compositing artistDouglas Stahl
Director of photographyNicolas Santana
Director of photographyLuca Reppenhorst
1 day (replacement)
1 day (replacement)
1st assistant cameraEkaterina Efremova
1st assistant cameraEmilia-Sophia Böhnstedt
2nd assistant cameraErik-Maik Kujawa
2nd assistant cameraMerve Dinc
Casting directorNina Noskowiak
Casting directorTalisa Lara Schmid
Costume designerAngelina Bernhardt
DirectorMelissa Arcak
1st AD (local system)René Nicklaus
Script continuityChristoph Albermann
EditorNina Noskowiak
GafferTobias Kastleiner
GafferLuca Reppenhorst
GafferSebastian Salanta
GafferMax Osterholz
Lighting technician / electricianFabian Jacob
Lighting technician / electricianJohannes Walden
Lighting technician / electricianChristoph Görke
Makeup artist / hair stylistJosephin Severitt
Makeup artist / hair stylistStefanie Weindl
Fx makeup artistStefanie Weindl
Assistant makeup artistTania Bräcklein
Production designerLouis Stach
Production designerLeon Gensler
Production managerRené Nicklaus
Production managerNina Noskowiak
Production managerMelissa Arcak
Production managerJan Niederprüm
Assistant production managerChristoph Albermann
Set runnerIsy Schrodka
ScreenwriterThilo Kokozinski
ScreenwriterRené Nicklaus
ScreenwriterMelissa Arcak
Production sound mixerDean Kosar
Production sound mixerTamir Eichelberger
Production sound mixerRené Nicklaus
Production sound mixerHagen Kreter
Boom operatorNagomu Yamaguchi
Special effects coordinatorMax Osterholz

Production companies

FH Fachhochschule Dortmund


Production ServicesPreProducer Software UG