Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Les EnvoûtésFeature Filmco-producerBeluga Tree
    2018AdorablesFeature Filmproducer
    2015ElleFeature Filmco-producer
    2015Beyond The Mountains and HillsFeature Filmco-producer
    2015Tout de suite maintenantFeature Filmco-producer
    2011The Woman Who Brushed Off Her TearsFeature Filmproducer
    2010My Worst NightmareFeature Filmco-producer
    2009Winds of Sand, Women of RockDocumentaryproducer
    2005Mr. AverageFeature Filmproducer
    2005Hey Good Looking!Feature Filmco-producerEntre Chien et Loup
    1999The King's DaughtersFeature Filmco-producer