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Feature Film | 2014-2015 | Drama | France


Brief synopsis

Dheepan is a Sri Lankan Tamil fighter, a Tiger.
The civil war draws to a close in Sri Lanka, defeat is at hand, and Dheepan decides to flee. He takes a woman and a little girl, whom he doesn't know, with him, hoping this will make it easier to get political asylum in Europe.
Once in Paris, this "family" struggles along, living in one shelter after another until Dheepan gets a caretaker's job in a housing project on the outskirts of the city.
Dheepan hopes to build a new life and to create a real home for his fake wife and daughter.
However, soon the everyday violence of the housing projects causes the still open wounds of the war to resurface.
Dheepan the soldier must reconnect with his warrior instincts to protect those who he hopes will become his "real" family.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Jesuthasan AntonythasanDheepan [L]
Kalieaswari SrinivasanYalini [L]Antje Thiele
Claudine VinasithambyIllayaal [L]
Vincent RottiersBrahim [L]
Marc ZingaYoussouf [L]Frédéric Vonhof
Faouzi BensaïdiMonsieur Habib [SR]


1st ADJean-Baptiste Pouilloux
3rd ADMikaël Gaudin
Director of photographyÉponine Momenceau
Casting directorPhilippe Elkoubi
Casting directorMohamed Belhamar
DirectorJacques Audiard
Script supervisorNathalie Vierny
EditorJuliette Welfling
ComposerNicolas Jaar
ProducerPascal Caucheteux
Production designerMichel Barthélémy
Assistant production designerYann Mégard
Set decoratorCécile Hurlé
Construction managerMartinus Van Lunen
Standby propsManu Demoulling
Location scoutCarole Reinhard
Lead locksmithMartinus Van Lunen
Lead painterXavier Buffin
Line producerMartine Cassinelli
ScreenwriterJacques Audiard
ScreenwriterThomas Bidegain
ScreenwriterNoé Debré
Production sound mixerDaniel Sobrino
Sound re-recording mixerCyril Holtz
Sound mastering engineerGuillaume Couturier
Sound editorValérie Deloof

Production companies

Why Not Productions [fr]
Page 114 [fr]
France 2 Cinéma [fr]coproduction

Distributing companies

Celluloid Dreams [fr]International Sales
UGC - Union Générale Cinématographique [fr]France (theatrical)
Weltkino Filmverleih GmbH [de]Germany (theatrical)


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Jacques Audiard2015Cannes Film Festival [fr]Palme d'OrWinner
Jacques Audiard2017British Academy Awards (BAFTA) [uk]Not in English LanguageNominated
Pascal Caucheteux2017British Academy Awards (BAFTA) [uk]Not in English LanguageNominated


2015FranceFestival de Cannes [fr]Palme d'or


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
RepeatFranceOCS [fr]Tuesday, 02/06/2020, 12.05 PMOCS Choc
RepeatFranceOCS [fr]Saturday, 30/05/2020, 4.35 PMOCS Choc
RepeatFranceOCS [fr]Monday, 25/05/2020, 6.45 PMOCS Choc
RepeatFranceOCS [fr]Friday, 22/05/2020, 8.40 PMOCS Choc


Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 10/12/2015
Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 26/08/2015
PremiereThursday, 21/05/2015Festival de Cannes [fr]